Emerging Athlete Program (EAP)

Designed for high-performing athletes in the athletic formation stage (ages 14-15), specialization stage (ages 16-18), or high performance stage (ages 19+) of their athletic development. The EAP is a complete physical development system designed to enhance the qualities required to demonstrate excellence in sports. An individualized program will account for the athlete’s level of physical and mental preparation, point in time relative to the competition calendar, positional requirements, as well as their nutritional and recovery needs.

Elite Performance Program (EPP)

Designed for athletes preparing for or competing at the highest level of sport. A customized training program will be designed in conjunction with the athlete, their sport coaches, and therapists to maximize sport form mastery. All physical, technical, tactical, and mental qualities will be considered.

Private Coaching

Designed for the athlete who’s specific needs or schedule requires a highly customized training solution. The athlete will work with our team to develop a tailored training plan that will enhance all aspects of their physical, technical, and mental development. Training and consulting may take place on-site, off-site, or online.