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TAC Programs - High School

Total Hockey Conditioning trains high school, prep and collegiate hockey players during their off-seasons.

Our program is designed to maximize your off-season preparation with the most efficient training methods to improve hockey performance.  The Total Hockey Conditioning staff will customize a specific program to maximize speed, quickness, power, strength, and stability. The combination of strength training on and off the ice will develop your game and prepare you to handle the physical demands of hockey.  This program is designed to set new standards of performance for your extended career on the ice.

Lesson Plan
Total Hockey Conditioning is a customized program specifically designed to generate advanced skills for competitive ice hockey players.  Athletes will notice immense progress from the high tempo drills and fast paced training sequences.

Each on-ice session will focus on a specific hockey skill set:

CHECKING -  An intense crash course working on the physical aspects of the
game to help better prepare and protect the athlete from injury and to give them
the advantage they need to become a physical force.

SMALL AREA GAMES -  Focus will be on enhancing skill development while
building competitiveness to battle for puck possession.

STICK HANDLING & SHOOTING - Working on the fine tuning of stick handling
and quick shot release while keeping their feet moving.

POWER SKATING - Perfecting the skaters technique while emphasizing
explosiveness, posture, and edgework that will give the player a distinct advantage.

ON-ICE STRATEGY - The tactical aspects of hockey will be learned, developed, and practiced to ensure a high transference to game play.