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TAC Programs - Regenereation

Quality training requires quality rest…
Restoration is an integral component of the training plan that is often overlooked.  An athlete’s capacity to improve depends upon how recovery is managed from daily training and competitions.  The TAC Regeneration Protocol is an individualized series of proactive measures to restore an athlete’s mental and physical resources. 

The TAC Regeneration Protocol
() Performance Nutrition Plan
() Regenerative Yoga
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() Sports Massage
() Self-Myofascial Release/Trigger Point Therapy
() Mobility & Metabolic Flush
() Hydrotherapy
() Thermotherapy—Hot & Cold
() Active Rest Activities

Regenerative Yoga
This restorative-style yoga is designed to focus on slow movement sequences that will ground you and connect you to your body while increasing and enhancing your range of motion.  You should experience a profound state of well-being and relax fully into each pose.  This style is very different from an “active” flow-style yoga class in that the increase in range-of-motion is the primary goal achieved from holding the poses longer and surrendering to them.